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Science Demystified

One often hears the remark “Well Science has proven that…”. This has always sounded very strange to me. Is Science a living thing? How can it prove something if it’s not living? Science without a living...

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Artificial Intelligence

I’ve been wanting to write something on this topic for quite a while now. Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is known was initially made popular by Alan Turing last century. It then seemed to die down in popularity and...

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Owning your knowledge

Everything we do in life concerns knowledge. Some understanding of the subject is required to accomppish anything with it. If we broaden this outlook we see that in essence life is about knowledge! When you know something well...

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The ‘innovation’ myth

We hear a lot about innovation in the software industry these days. It is sold as the ultimate thing to aim for in any software endeavor. I was looking at this the other day and it seemed like there was something missing there....

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Find out for yourself

One lesson I have learned through the years, and have needed to re-learn at some points is a lesson that I feel could change the face of innovation in the software industry. Unfortunately schooling these days teaches a pupil to...

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The Reason Why

Have you ever wondered what it is that slows software projects? What is it that makes some projects miss their deadlines and others succeed? What is the key item that puts spanners in the works on some development endeavours?...

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Real time programming

In my first actual job in 1985 we did real time programming on Digital Equipment Corporation VAX computers. I liked these machines , they had 32 bit address space, so no fiddling with selectors or active page registers. However...

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