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Find out for yourself

One lesson I have learned through the years, and have needed to re-learn at some points is a lesson that I feel could change the face of innovation in the software industry. Unfortunately schooling these days teaches a pupil to...

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The Reason Why

Have you ever wondered what it is that slows software projects? What is it that makes some projects miss their deadlines and others succeed? What is the key item that puts spanners in the works on some development endeavours?...

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Apprenticeships – the missing ingredient

I started my first computer job in 1985, July to be exact. Just after completing what was called “National Service”. Lucky for me I got a good amount of computer experience doing my National Service. I learned RTL2,...

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Real time programming

In my first actual job in 1985 we did real time programming on Digital Equipment Corporation VAX computers. I liked these machines , they had 32 bit address space, so no fiddling with selectors or active page registers. However...

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