We hear a lot about innovation in the software industry these days. It is sold as the ultimate thing to aim for in any software endeavor.

I was looking at this the other day and it seemed like there was something missing there.

Lets look at really successful technology companies.

How about Microsoft. Well for one they are successful. Like it or not they are, but are they innovative? Im sure they have introduced some innovations, but none spring to mind as I look! Thats interesting! How about Google. Now they are definitely very successful, and what innovation did they bring to the table? Search engine? No! I think Yahoo was first!

Ok lets look at the biggest tech company by market capitalization, yes good old Apple. Now they are just full of innovation! Are they?! Well HTC came out with a touch phone before them I think! I had it actually, not a bad device. They didn’t invent the Personal Computer.

MMM So where is all this innovation! Or maybe to phrase it better where are all the companies that created all these innovations!

I think this idea of ‘Innovation’ is just a red herring. Its what computer magazines like to talk about to get interest!

All the above successful companies improved their products, found out what was needed and wanted and then produced it. Thats all they did! People needed an operating system and office suite for their PC’s and Microsoft provided that, and they still do! They did not innovate! They just provided what was needed and wanted and put it out there!

Despite all the press around these things, thats all Apple, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and others that have some success have been doing.

Apple listened to their users and kept perfecting their iPhone to the point where it now has a dedicated following. Google did the same with their search engine, and then later with Android! No real innovation per se in both these camps.

So the concept of innovation hides what was really done to achieve success. People can spend time endlessly trying to innovate, instead of just providing what is needed and wanted and doing a good job at just that!

So the moral of the story is don’t worry about innovation. Just focus in being creative providing what is needed and wanted, and do a good creative job at that and I guarantee you you will succeed!